5 Life-Changing Effects Of A Regular Yoga Practice by Emily Bennett

I started off my yoga journey by doing a one month yoga challenge on YouTube. I began yoga so I could touch my toes and become flexible, but I could already see that there was so much more to it because almost right away I noticed a difference in my mood.

After some convincing and a lot of resistance, I finally started going to classes at Elise and Teresa’s studio in Sylvania, and I haven’t stopped practicing since!

I was instantly obsessed. 

I am now two and a half years into my yoga journey, and I have recently completed my 200 hour Knoff Yoga Teacher Training course, something I would never have imagined myself doing.

These are five things I have learnt from my experience so far:

Changes in my body: 

I've become stronger, more flexible, and I have more stamina, and more coordination. I've found that other activities I do have become easier. I was never into exercising and when I found yoga, I found a way of moving my body that I really loved. 

Back Pain:

I don't get back pain anymore. I used to get it quite badly, especially when I was driving. Even as someone who is young, I had a very tight back and exaggerated curves in my spine. I have noticed a huge shift in my posture, flexibility, and reduced pain in my spine. 


I have so much more respect and patience for myself and my body. I used to only consider exercise as a way to punish my body for eating a bad meal or because I wasn’t toned or skinny enough. I now exercise or do yoga as a way to nourish my body and calm my mind. I also listen to my body, and I now realise when my body is telling me something is wrong. 


Since I began my yoga journey I am able to sleep soundly. Prior to starting yoga it would take me hours to fall asleep and when I did sleep it would be broken and light. I constantly felt like I was waking up exhausted.


When I first started yoga I had pretty severe anxiety. I was wound up all the time, I would struggle to take a breath and the smallest things made me blow up. I actually rarely feel anxious anymore and when I do it’s a very subtle and bearable feeling. I know that when I do my practice, I am setting myself up for a calmer day. 

In summary, yoga has been a gift and a blessing for me and even when I'm feeling lazy, I choose to show up because of what I know it can do for me. I’m able to live presently without so much worry of what’s to come. I now have a positive relationship with myself and my body, and my attitude has completely changed for the better.

I am happy to now share my passion with others through teaching. You can find me at Studio Red Yoga assisting and teaching classes.