Why Teach Alignment Based Yoga?

At Studio Red Yoga, we teach alignment based yoga for safety, to remove aches and pains from the body, for injury correction and avoidance, and to promote good posture. Everybody has flexible and strong areas in their body, and we aim to create a balanced body of equal strength and flexibility. People tend to stretch from their most flexible areas and rely on their better-developed muscles for strength, thus reinforcing postural habits. During yoga, we use correct alignment to encourage weak areas to strengthen and tight areas to release which awakens and realigns the whole body. As the body becomes better aligned, less muscular effort is required and relaxation naturally increases during the practice. This is why yoga can be so difficult to begin with - we have to work through our stiffness's and also our weaknesses. Once this is achieved, which may take many years depending on the condition in which we started and the regularity in which we practice, yoga becomes an experience of bliss.

It is especially important that Westerners are taught alignment based yoga as our bodies are much more injury prone, stiff and weak than more natural Eastern bodies.

When it comes to teaching philosophy during the asana segment of the practice, we avoid this because it takes you out of your body and into your head which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

Through the internal, quiet and disciplined practice of yoga one becomes more sensitive, intuitive, and relaxed. This is a natural result of the practice and we believe that talking about these things during the asana practice to be futile and in most cases counteractive.