New Student Specials:

Initial Consultation, 30 minutes with a Senior Teacher: Complimentary 

7 Classes: $175 ($25/class)

15 Classes: $330 ($22/class) 

30 Classes: $600 ($20/class) 

Class pass specials are limited to one per customer. 

Semi-Private Group Classes:

Casual: $35

5 Classes: $165 ($33/class)

10 Classes: $300 ($30/class) 

20 Classes: $500 ($25/class) 

Unlimited Classes Weekly: $55/week direct debit, 6 month contract. 

Yearly Unlimited Classes: $2450 upfront payment, ($47/week) 

Children Under 18 / students / concessions: $20/class

Private 1-1:

Private Lesson with Senior Teacher: $130

Private Lesson: $100

our approach to yoga

Yoga is a holistic way to develop yourself physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, and we embrace them all. 

We have a systems-based approach to yoga. Our system is clear, logical and easy to understand. Our method is grounded in tradition, yet incorporates modern understandings of anatomy and physiology.

Our systems:

  • 7 progressive levels:
    • Yoga Therapy, Pregnancy Yoga, Chair Yoga, Total Beginners, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • 4 segments per class:
    • Asana, meditation, breathing, relaxation.
  • 11 Asana groups:
    • Earth salutations, sun salutations, inversions (warming), standing poses, arm balances, forward bends, sitting poses, abdominals, twists, backbends, inversions (cooling).
  • 9 Bandhas (muscular activations around the major joint complexes): 
    • Ankles, knees, hips, lower back, middle back, upper back, wrists, elbows, shoulders. 
  • Left/right weeks:
    • Keeping balance in the body. 
  • 5 Pillars of Practice:
    • Asana: the physical yoga poses, with a focus on correct anatomical alignment.
    • Pranayama: breathing practices. 
    • Bandha: co-contraction of muscles around major joint complexes, to provide physical support to the body, and control blood and energy flow.
    • Drishti: focal points which help direct the focus of the mind. 
    • Vinyasa: connective movements between poses which increase blood flow and warmth, and improve strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • 24 Principles of Practice

getting started

At Studio Red Yoga we like to start our client journey with an Initial Consultation (IC). This allows us to get to know you and your body better, introduce you to the program, perform a postural analysis, and place you into the correct classes. 

Our goal is to build your strength up to begin working through our progressive levels. This might mean you have to begin with a Yoga Therapy or Chair Yoga program, to bring your body back to a state of health and equilibrium. 

This system allows you to work at your own level and pace, under the guidance of our highly trained teachers who will assist, adjust and guide you. There are a maximum of ten students per class, and two teachers for every ten students.

To get started please book in to you Initial Consultation today. These are a complimentary offering. 


We don't normally accept drop-ins to classes. All clients start with an Initial Consultation or Free Trial class. After this we'll give you options for which classes will be best for you. By experience we have found this to be the safest and best way for students to come to yoga, progress quickly, and feel comfortable throughout the whole process. 

Bookings are made via our bookings app MindBody Online, or via phone call, text, or email.

Private group bookings:

If you wish to get your own group together for a private booking, please contact us directly. 

We encourage sporting teams to book in as a group for our Sports Recovery Program. We can accept groups of up to 20 people.