"Coming to Studio Red Yoga is the best gift I have ever given myself. Every one of the instructors are incredible teachers with a strong passion for not only the art of Yoga, but also for helping people become their best selves. I couldn't recommend this studio highly enough if I tried. 
Thank you for helping me get back on track with my health and mindfulness. Your hard work and dedication is inspiring."

- Hannah Murray

"Elise has so much passion about yoga that it’s hard not to get excited about it too, when you hear her talk about it. Her attention to alignment let’s me know that I’m in good hands and can trust her to lead me into both a deeper and safer practice. Working with Elise has been phenomenal. She is a powerhouse with an unimaginable work ethic. You’re definitely in great hands @ Studio Red; highly recommended!"

- Mary Alexandra


"Where to start?! Words can not express my gratitude to Elise and Teresa. This studio and teachers is like no other I have experienced. They are supporting me back from an eating disorder which basically crippled my body. After only 2 months the improvement in my mental health and mind/ body strength has vastly improved. This after only 2 months, when 6 months in an eating disorders clinic could not shift my mind set nor severe anxiety and depression. Yes it’s hard work which will continue to be a challenge but with these ladies at the helm I couldn’t be more supported and accepted."

- Jodie Yaari 

"Professional and passionate about helping others to be the best version of themselves both in mind and body. I’ve been a student of Tess and Elise for 10 years and still love every class. They cater for all from first time yogis to advanced. I urge anyone who is considering yoga to try a class at this studio first!! Love your work girls."

- Cynthia Higgins

Studio Red is genuinely the best Yoga I've ever done. The teachers are so professional and attentive and the studio itself is divine. As a health professional, I can appreciate how well trained Elise and her team are, and so focused on building strength and wellness in a really safe way. I couldn't recommend this studio more highly.

- Alicia Mac